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Biodiagnostic Manufacturing (including biodiagnostic devices) Biodiagnostic Process Development
Biotherapeutic Discovery/Development Biophamaceutical Formulation/Delivery
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Production/Manufacturing Process Development (includes fermentation/cell culture, protein purification, process biochemistry, etc.)
Lab Management Research (includes preclinical and clinical research, drug discovery, product research)
Project Management Technical Services/Analytical Development/Support
Quality Assurance/Control, Validation Plant Engineering/Design
Project/Facility Engineering Materials Management/Purchasing
Regulatory Affairs/Clinical Affairs Corporate Management
Business Advisor Technology Transfer
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Disposables/Single Use Outsourcing Services
Protein Expression, Fermentation and Cell Culture Compliance/Validation
Biogenerics Chromatography
Filtration/Purification Analytical Equipment and Instrumentation
Vaccines Development & Manufacturing Location & Facilities
Other (specify)


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